Sunday, June 18, 2017

To be the WHOLE you, SEE the HOLE in you

Our reality is a reflection of ourselves. What you see with your outer eye, no matter what you are looking at, is something you are aware of and have seen on the INSIDE of YOU. Frequency matches for you to become aware enough to see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, and ultimately, HEAL IT! If you are in conflict you will find war, fights, traumas and that which shows you the rage that promotes that choice. If you are sad your lungs will fill and your breath will be short, and noisy. If you are fearful, your world will become a scary place, everything will frighten you and will feel out of control all the time, even in sleep. If you feel guilt that you should be doing something more, or better, your gut will twist, your bowels will be out of balance, and that is where death to this life begins. Worry finds the stomach, and untruth the thyroid. The list is long and complex and worth knowing, as the journey to health and happiness takes a view from above and below, as within so without, know your road. Feel the way to well. It is a worthy adventure, and you are smack dab right in the middle of it.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Question of Authority

It is a vast and toxic terrain out there. Authority, self proclaimed as such, has reacted in fear, over and over in an unloving wave of hyper control about that which they can not control. True authority is graceful, omnipresent, generous, and supportive. It offers to the innocents, children, oppressed minorities, animals and Mother Nature, protection. That is the charge from the heavenly. I have been one of the bullied many times in this lifetime, and choosing to sit still was not a reasonable response for me. Prayer was always first, then many hours of listening in meditation and taking copious notes followed. I am certain of victory here, and I again today in light of current events, I will listen for a minute, and when I have a thought that supports our next step I will write it down and speak it out loud. In the beginning there was the word, and it still carries that same power! Use your words people to change the face of reality here. Free to all humans, and YOURS to use with true AUTHORITY! Speak up!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Water - so much more then we know

We search the universe for water. It is that which carries the data of life here, sustaining all that lives here. Nothing lives without it, NOTHING on earth. To know that is to understand it's value and the preciousness of each drop. If you knew that It carried the codes that transmit the data you need, would you protect it? It is time to know it's incredible value . It is worth more than gold, or oil or anything else here perceived as having worth. Stop, go to the water and say, HOW CAN I HELP YOU? She will answer, she will smile and she will open the conversation that is needed for us to thrive here. Be vigilant now, she is quickly being taken from us. It is up to us now, we need her and she needs us! Become a water protector!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A healthy body needs good terrain

You are a garden! You need oxygen, enzymes, minerals, water and nutrients to produce a healthy you! As a check, put in your garden the things you eat, drink, smoke, rub on your skin and breathe. See how the soil responds. It will take all summer to check to see the result. If you get weeds or bugs or nothing at all, you are in need of an upgrade. Your PH needs to be balanced, check it with the strips you an get at the pharmacy. Your temperature also needs to be 98.6, that is the place where a human body remains healthy all on it's own! Hydration needs absorption of H2O, pure and clear. Use electrolytes or full spectrum minerals daily to hold the charge that keeps you alive. Non modified food, raw and pure has so many enzymes that your system will celebrate with energy and clearing. Some simple yet life enhancing knowledge. Then add fresh air, clear unfiltered sunlight and something fun or funny and you got this! Build up your terrain, and you will live long and prosper!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What you focus on is where you end up!

When I put a rider up, I tell them to look to where they want to be. Do not look at the ground, or you will end up there. Do not look at your horse or he will not move. Look out and look in. It is a heartfelt desire. The heart connects, and it's engine pulses the codes of desire. Simple, not taught, yet true. It applies to everything. Today, look out and look in. Decide, and make that your focus. Then let's see how long it takes to get you and that focus into the same picture frame. Heart first, head's up, we are making needed shifts now, FOCUS everyone, FOCUS!

Monday, June 12, 2017

If you don't want to be TOLD what to do, stop asking for directions

People, the directional you seek is with in. It is nucleic! It is your DNA to chromosome to nucleus to YOU! It is energetic, and it pulses constantly. You have free will and complete power over it. Decide. If you want health - SAY SO. If you seek direction, you be directed from the outside. That is not YOUR natural direction giver. That is some else's. Stop worrying, stop complaining, stop waiting for directions. You were born with this great ability within, sit still, and listen, you will tell you, everything you need to know. If the hair goes up on the back of your neck, LEAVE! You are being warned that where you are is unsafe. If the hair goes up on your arms and legs, enjoy to interface, it is inspiring you! It is a truth long held from you. It is still a truth, use it and thrive here.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Appreciate = full power!

Allow, align and appreciate, are what I am here to do. Only in appreciating do I receive full power. It does not come in piece meal, or with a fragment of alignment or allowance not anchored in my life. I do work on appreciating. I appreciate my girls, and show them in many ways. I am honest and generous with them and I help out if or when I can. I see their beauty in many ways and tell them that. I appreciate my homes, and the critters and people who share them with me. I appreciate my health and energy and my brain. They serve me here well, and improve daily. I appreciate my clients and my friends. They show me a variety of perspectives new to me. I appreciate the Creator's willingness to hear me, see me, support me and be there all the time. I appreciate the avatars who have been to Earth to remind us that we are sovereign citizens of a universal reality, and time here is simply that which is time spent well away and aware from that understanding for simply a moment. I appreciate the knowing, the loving, the laughing and the full power that appreciation and sharing that with our world offers. So today, APPRECIATE EVERYONE, AND EVERYTHING IN YOUR REALITY, AND FEEL THE POWER THAT YOU RECEIVE FROM IT. I do and it works better then anything else I do. Namaste'