Monday, March 27, 2017

Your day in court - North Dakota and DAPL, MNI WICONI

You will all get one, sooner or later. I did and I won. ALOT. Changed the laws and changed my own life forever. Stopped the media from using the AMBUSH as a technique to create fake news and fake ratings. Also gave back some to the industry I love and work at every day, Naturopathic Medicine. Now the Standing Rock Water Protectors are moving into the courts of North Dakota. There is much to bring into the light, applying the laws, and changing things that need upgrades, with guidance, prayers and love of us all. I know who our Water Protectors are, and how they care for the water, and the humans who need it. That would be ALL OF US, by the way. So today, in your prayers, silent and out loud, call the elders, the grandfathers long passed from life, but never gone, to open the flow of energy and truth into North Dakota courts. We need more than ever before in the way to overlighting. Do this simply by asking, and be there in spirit. I asked all angels to assist me in 2009, and they did. Now I ask them again, assist Mike and the others who need you now. This is our world, and you can't drink oil. New day, new way, now. It is time.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Mike says he is only a tow truck driver, Scotty says he's a guitar player, Darrick says he's a concrete worker, and I say, OK. I say it is so much MORE than that. When they spoke with our U of MN interns here yesterday from Project Footsteps they became so much more. They became leaders. Leaders in so many ways. Like taking a Saturday afternoon and being present to work with these young adults and the horses. Leading the way through the mud, into the pasture to introduce them to the horses, leading the training of horse handling, grooming, and bareback riding. Leading with smiles, words of encouragement and a generosity and warmth that true leaders have and share with ANYONE who would ask. Showing love, courage, and a new way to experience life. I am a lot of things, and that is ALL that matters, THAT I AM. And to all you true leaders out there - keep up the good work, we need you now more then ever before, and WE ARE GRATEFUL YOU HAVE MOVED INTO THE LEAD. Thanks for all the help, the laughs and the leadership!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Waking up tomorrow with all the time and all the money you could ever want - what will you do?

I ask that question over and over. When I ask you, I am simply asking ME again. I know we all are in this together, my words, have the greatest effect on ME. Sometimes though YOU hear/here them too and ANSWER me back. My friend Paul did yesterday. Out of the blue he answered that question posed awhile back. He said, with enthusiasm, I KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO! Then proceeded to share a teaching philosophy I totally understood and could support. I SMILED! We are all now finally thinking about the answer to that question. The day has come, the council fires have reconvened and the world is making decisions that are about our healing. This weekend, find a solution for something. Something you love, and could spent the next few years working on. It is time, and we will help you! Open your eyes, then your heart, and THEN your mouth! Remember, in the beginning there was the WORD, and when spoken, we were created in the likeness of LOVE. I love this! Time to speak.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


To hunt with a hawk, to clear the throat, and to be a Hawk, being a Hawk. I love words, and that word means so much to me and how I live my life. Animal totems speak to us individually. I have a few that I relate to. The hawk being the featured perspective. As I see energy, I can pinpoint it, easily and specifically, and sum it up quickly. As a child that got me in a lot of hot water. I learned not to tell everyone everything. As a Naturopath it is a great gift. It's best application is as a human using her HAWK to be of service here. I wish you all would climb high in the sky and be up here and see what I see. If you can't just yet for some reason or another, I will clear my throat HAWKing and tell you true as this little HAWK sees. Our world may seem out of adjustment right now, it is. Yet as we move around and refocus our lives and actions, it will readjust itself quickly. I/EYE on the prize now. Here/hear the words of love, light, and laughter that our Christed selves know in there/their hearts. Ask for a vision of a healing planet, and we will all come out this darkness whole again! My HAWK has seen over the hill, and she is accurate as usual. Believe, it will all be better than ever before. I do, my hawk tells me so.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

paying back

Yesterday I paid back, or really just paid off an old part of my life. In the timing of all things in the light there is so much going on that we don't see it all until the day comes. It is like your wedding day. You are up in the front and all eyes are on you. You see and feel more than usual. Hopefully with the partner who matches you, helping you download the love and the hopes and wishes of the many. It is something to prepare for, and I had prepared. Years of choosing the way that certain things were right and good and a part of the future of ME. I have learned to say NO. Which took a long time for me to do. I learned to look up and forward, not back. I learned that my desires were worth caring about and that others were not supposed to make sure I did that. Nor I them. I also know now that staying here for awhile longer and helping our planet replenish herself is going to be a good life here for me. Nature, she is my friend, and she got the shit kicked out her. I know how that feels, and together we are going to rebuild. Help us protect her water, and land, and air, so she can take care of our babies after we leave! Now that is paying back, and I intend to continue to pay her back all the days of this life. How about it? JOIN US! We are a force and we are growing in our strength and our voice is getting louder every single day! Sustaining life with a vision of healing. MNI WICONI! Water is life! Not just on earth, everywhere in the universe!

Monday, March 20, 2017

SPRING into action!

My life is math, dates, geometry, astrology and the willingness to use the gifts and guides and signposts that Creator offers me to make the journey easier and more understandable and just plain fun. Today the spring equinox, March 20, 2017 is a number 6 day. And that for me and my knowledge is always an adventure. Six and it's place in the universe is a bit of an unknown for me. I do not know why for sure, it may be that it's a gift, hidden away until the right time. Well, the time is today, and the gift is here. I know some things for sure. I know that I love spring, and the newness it brings. I know that even though winter is fun, spring opens the flowing waters and I get to go to the rivers and lakes and streams and be me. I know that the promise of spring is always kept in the sunshine of summer here in Wisconsin. I know that fur falls off my fuzzy horses, and that they jump and run in the warmth returning and it is beautiful to see. And I know that even though, this is my 60th spring here, that surprises never end. A six day in my sixty year, times ten just for fun, is a huge gift, and I am looking forward to unwrapping it and sharing it with you all. Happy Spring to us all, may the gifts you receive surprise and delight you, and that you share them with the world.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

WHY do I GO WHere I GO?

I teach, in pictures I can see, with sounds I can hear, in words I can understand, make it abundantly clear to me. Then I ask the Universe questions. Who, what, where, and when. I have always been a seeker and a seer. So when I went to the Sonoran Desert the other day, I waited until I came back to ask the questions. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! It was an energy explosion of connections! That is what they said and that is why I was sent. And a grid like that was what I needed. For those who know earth energy, it is magical. For those just learning, follow your heart and you will end exactly where you need to be, exactly when you NEED to be there. Trust....Faith....and an adventurous spirit, get out there people, this world needs you and YOU need her!