Wednesday, January 18, 2017

False evidence appearing real FEAR is faked don't give in to it

My car was cold, I took it in, the dealer who had serviced it for the past 5 years, said it was ruined and needed tons of work and lots of money to fix it, NOW THAT THE WARRANTY WAS UP. I WAS shaken up for a second. Then I realized I was being manipulated and they were creating a scenario for profit. So I did what I do, I asked the same question, to another and then, for the third time another one was asked. That is what I teach, to take the question in question to three potentials, choose the one that makes you feel right, balanced and in control of your reality. Simple and yet a not taught ability and choice. It was fixed in no time and for only a little money. YAY! I will never again, take my Jeep to Hudson's Luther Jeep, they caused me fear and I do not like that, nope not at all. Thanks Mike's Standard, YOU are terrific!!

Grab the rope

Humanity has long looked down, at their feet, the ground, their circumstances, letting the down angle control their thoughts, and their lives. It is time look up now. You are being thrown a rope from the Universe. Heaven is helping us. Looking down will not help you make the change needed to move us into a new contract with this world and all her glory. She needs her children to help her. Grab the rope, it is a lifeline to a new way of life here, healthy and happy. To be a helper, your eyes/I's must look forward, not down. Or you can be a prayer and meditation warrior and look up. All eye's/I's are needed, please apply yourself now, all hands on deck, the ropes are being thrown and I for one am going to grab one.

Monday, January 16, 2017


When you were a child a secret seemed fun. A hidden gift, a surprise party, secrets that promised fun and togetherness. Now the secrets being revealed are not so fun. Abuse of self and others is the best kept secret of all. Those secrets of the world, the universe, even the family, and the church and the neighborhood, became the stuff we were offered and some accepted. Secrets were sold to SPECIAL people, they said. A trick used again and again to suck people in. It is overwhelming and life changing as we see the truth now. I see and hear secrets all the time in a job that needs disclosure as the basis for it's success. We can not change anything that is not out in the open to shine the light on, air it out, and forgive it. Shame and guilt holds people back more than any other feeling, and it causes hopelessness. Number one cause that initiates human death is the colon, the organ that holds guilt and shame. Keep the crap in and it will ultimately become your world. Clean it out, talk about it, wash it out, and it will heal and so will YOU! Find a trusted person, and reveal the truth. It will set you free, it really will. Then we can move ahead and work on the good stuff together. No more secrets for us. Clean it up and clean it out, inside and outside and we can all live here in health and peace.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Alpha training

Beginning, first in the order, brightest star in the constellation, the first letter in the greek alphabet and YOU. All alpha humans need to show up now. I see beneath the exteriors, bright healthy happy spirits. ALPHAS are popping up everywhere now. We are going to help you use your light to help others find and use theirs. It is called TULA training. She is my alpha mare, she leads my herd with light and order and support. She and we will share her gifts with those ready to step up and out with their gifts. The is us, and the ranch will be the host location for a series of sessions with Tula. Be the second to sign up, the alpha spot has been claimed, yet there a zillion more spaces to fill. This is so exciting for her and us! Her energy has helped so many, and now she is ready for YOU!

off the grid

There is a changing of the field of energy on our planet. Some of you are feeling it with your illness, some with your fears, some with reckless behavior and some of us with sweet relief. I meditate, this is how I feel the most of the shifting field. I do that when I am outside, in the light, on the water or the back of a magnificent horse. I did it skiing yesterday, TWICE! You can step into another shape, view and feeling of peace and connection when you do this. In a group it becomes even bigger and easier. It can be used to clear your way, it can also clog you up if you are hanging with low energy. Find a field where you feel strong, loved and inspired. These are my daughters with me in Mexico, on the 11-11-11, opening energetically to a new way of life here. It was energy shifting in such a huge way the camera caught it and I have shared with you. Time to know this is very real and promised. Join us in the upgraded light, it is amazing and healing and we all deserve this.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

changing it up

you are all invited to change it up now more love, more peace, more light is ours to choose. simple think about it and allow yourself the grace and abundance you deserve remember you do deserve it!

Friday, January 13, 2017


I need the true leaders of this world to step into that ALPHA position now. It is time to grab on to and hold close the piece of peace that a true leader loves and strives for. For themselves and us too. See it, be it, own the journey to it, and let the challenge be to stay with it. I see dis-ease from a conflicted peace-less life, diet, attitude, and belief system. It can rule the game every day here. Offense to defense and back again, the exhaustion is life sucking, the loss of peace life ending. Conflict and pointing out the failures and short comings is too. Find the peace, there may only be one little piece available to you but grab it, hold it close, and when you put your attention to that, that is what will grow! Tula, my alpha mare, rules the herd here, and peace is that rule. She leads with authority, love and order for hers. We are ready for some alpha humans, who can offer the same. Let's invite them to be ALPHA and let them lead us to peace. Namaste' we all have a role, and that one needs volunteers now.