Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Old Lady and the Earrings

I gave a gift of earrings to an old lady. I asked her if she would like to try them on. She said she could not do it herself. I asked if she would like my help, and she said yes to my face. So I did. I give earrings as gifts a lot. Normally though, only to those who love them and say so. This time it was my love and my pleasure to gift these lovely earrings. Not her request. Later I was told she was deeply offended by my gift and the delivery that gift. I had over stepped my bounds. As a Double Sagittarius I have a lot of enthusiasm. I have learned to curtail it in some situations. Yet not in the gifting department. I still love to share the beautiful things in life and wrongly assume others do too. I learned that lesson finally this time, and now I will never do that again. Be careful what you offer, make sure it is welcomed. Look in to their eyes for the truth, words can be deceptive. If there is any chance you are over stepping, step back. I should have done that, that is how my horses have taught me to be, and somehow I forgot for a moment. So to the Old Lady, I say I am so sorry, and I will never make that mistake again. WOW, sometimes it is the tough love of another that changes the game all together, but learning is the name of this game. And this lesson I learned well.

Are we stars?

Under the light of the alignment of Jupiter and Mars, with the moon in the 7th house, the stars, yes those amazing stars changed the game. They do that. I was asked once if I believe in the stars. I answered with this. The sun nourishes me, the moon is my reflection of who and how I feel, and the stars change the game as the world turns. I love stars, we are stars, shining brightly in our own way. Smile, shine and be one of a kind, that's how stars do it! We are ALL STARS!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Shedding the OLD SKIN

I was taking care of my horses yesterday and on the hay spread out across the cold cold ground, was a perfect snake skin. I love snakes, I always have. My ancestor, who was me long ago, was named Natawista, Holy Medicine Snake Woman. I own that name, and I use that lifetime of experience to help me in this lifetime of experience. Snakes are sexy, period. They are transmutation experts of the highest realm. They are super flexible! They love the sun, they shed their parasites with their skin. They live long and prosper well in staying close to the Earth mother, and the Father sun/son all at the same time. It is a dance. I know we are all transmuting massive amounts of old skin here. I see it everyday, I feel it everyday too. I have now cleared the way for the new skin, the new earth, the age of aquarius to take it's rightful place here. This is very exciting, and we worked very hard to slither out of the old muck, the dead skin we had covering us, and the feelings that were promoting helplessness and hopelessness. Emerge now into the light of this dawn, our day is destined to be warm and sunny, and filled with hope, potential and love! See you outside, I will be there in the SUN! Getting my new skin all brown and warm!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ask, probably....Tell, not likely

In the use of life force here, it is mandated that freewill is our field. This is not a sentence, but an opportunity. Asked by the Divine,I got here by invitation. And then I got motivated when asked to pitch in. I need to feel the flow of an invite, the enchantment of a shared experience, and the vision of a set of potentials. I am a visual learner, flashcards work for me, reading does too. I love pictures and perspectives that catch my eye. People catch my eye too. I respond to that, my freewill is activated, and I do something. I am not a patient, nor do I want to become one again. Not to anyone, haven't been in a long time. I still have some though, they appear in my clinic, and we work things out. I teach in many ways, I work visually. I can see your aura, and if asked, read it to you. Today, consider asking. Ask yourself, what causes success, health, and happiness in your field of freewill. Start there. Tell no one what you are doing, wait until they ask. Let's see if more doing, and less lamenting get us up and running now. Namaste'

Friday, January 5, 2018

If you don't know no, get a pendulum

My energy is mine and mine alone to use. I learned that the hard way. It was manipulated when I was a child, and I was fooled by foolishness. I was told, then sold, and if I did not comply, hit. It was that hard and that easy to see the truth all at the same time. In the sixty years here I have studied that impact and learned to use energy to learn Sioux/Su and her reality. It works every time I stop and check, my intuition is good, my pendulum is spot on. You can and need to learn this too. It is how you KNOW when to say NO! Period. End of transmission.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Go only where you are loved now

I have been in a world where loving the work, the animals, the children are what I do. And I DO DO that. Others come and go, some just to see, some to try it out. I am always here for those who need that experience. Love is a place, a noun and verb working together for the highest good of all. It is for me, Hawk's Ridge Ranch. It is a divine mandate, and deserves our full attention. If anything distracts you from love, and using it for the highest good of all, move on, move out, move it! I see in the eyes of some, fear, loss, memories, history, habits, and the like, take the attention off of love. It is just like saying to your child, later I am too busy to play, or listen to you. There is not a way for later, for later never reappears, it does not exist, there is only now. When love is present know it and love it and HONOR IT. It just IS. And truth is, it is all there is. When you learn and live that well, all is well. When you ignore it, it ignores you and nothing grows, or flourishes. 2018 offers a fresh start, and loving that chance to be in love, adding peace and freedom, and light and laughter, it really is the best it gets here. Namaste all, and Happy 2018. We are worth the magic, so use it! I AM!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Do you ever WISH things were different????

Hopes, wishes and dreams. Those are my specialties. I know we all get what we say, so I ask my people to wish. Then I ask them to put a color to that wish. For decades now I have taken notes on this. Often times in the future together we reread those and real eyes/realize they have come true! I share the reality that change comes from within. To have it, you must first SEE it, then SAY it, AND THEN be IT! Your words color your aura, your field attracts it's likeness. Water seeks it's own level here. SO do you. Be the WISH you wish. Be it in your thoughts, your words, and your deeds. Look in the mirror and see the change, it is YOU loving you, FINALLY and COMPLETELY. We are powerful creatures, and we are large and in charge! Enjoy the healing it brings to the new year! I will.