Friday, November 17, 2017

detaching from the drama

Our world has quite a dramatic story line. The drama attracts a lot of attention. Use your detached love for life and being human to see it in the light of the bigger picture. It has been the way to hold the force in check that each one of you has within your field of existence. If it can capture your attention with sex, drugs or drama or anything else that takes you off your game, it can direct you to that which it chooses. Do not let anyone or anything presented that way, choose for you, by redirecting your choices, your passions, your gifts, or your field of energy produced by light and love. Say no thanks, not today. NOT INTERESTED. Not now, not ever, I am far too valuable to give myself away for that. You are the most valuable thing going, remember that! Detach from the drama, step back, that is how a horse does it, and I do too. It is a lesson worth learning and living now! Namaste' Dr. Su/Sioux

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Water is life.

Mni Wiconi, that means water is life. It is a lesson and a knowing as old as Earth herself. She uses the water of our world to create and sustain us here. It morphs. You can morph it, and feel the result. Pure and clean and full of oxygen and mineral and light, it keeps you young and strong and healthy. Clear headed and clear seeing are two of the benefits. When morphed by toxins of any kind, it changes it's energy to accommodate that which it is connecting to. Muddling your world occurs when you allow the water in it and you to be muddled. You are water. I am water. Our world is water, and connects us all to each other and her too. We need to guard it and protect our future here. Today when you hold the glass of water you drink, morph it. See it as you in that glass. Use your voice, your words and the tone of those words. Sing to it, say to it I love us! It is a simple gift, medicine for our future. An antidote for our ills, and yes, so far it is free, but not unless you guard that life as you would guard your own. Water is life, and you deserve a long, healthy, happy life! So does our water, remember, we are all connected! Mni Wiconi.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Here today Gone tomorrow

Do we believe that tomorrow holds more promise than today does? Or more loss? That is the gamble, the reason people buy insurance. It is so distracting, and expensive, and energy sucking, that humans forget what today really has to offer and bank on their insurance and it's future use. It is how the game 21 or Blackjack works. INSURANCE ANYONE???? My client said his medical doctor wanted him to bank on cancer. Look for it! Spend time, thoughts and money on it's pursuit! Lose sleep over it too. I smiled and said, you already did that, and found a way out. Why on earth would you choose to do that again? Are you in need of the same lesson twice? He smiled, knowingly, and made his choice. For all the choices of the adventure here, I honor you. Just don't forget the present, the day, the now, it is the truth, the way, the light and the life, and it is yours fully to see and embrace and celebrate. Do not wait or look ahead for what is right in front of your beautiful face! Allow, align and appreciate, and that is what you will receive, for your faith has set you right here today! And that is all there is for NOW.

Monday, November 13, 2017


It is required for balance and it just looks good. It certainly feels right. It is meant to be chosen by the ONE with the spine. You are that ONE. It has been attempted to be taken away from you at a young age in certain circles. Asking you to align to or bow down to something other than your own alignment and vision of what that is. I spent the weekend aligning with humans who came to align the spines of horses, dogs and even cats. Each one of us, human and critter, healed in the wake of an outcome of an outpouring of willing hands and hearts that helped with those alignments. Putting into order a specific alignment for each animal, according to the animal not the adjuster. It produced harmony for all. That is magic. In the season of hope that is upon us now, align with that that supports your spine. Stand up straight, get a spine and with it a vision of that which you are proud to be associated with, and ALIGN to. It is a new world we are here to see and support, but first, YOU, supported with a strong spine in alignment must be achieved! Find an alignment that supports you!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

It is never too late

To see the joy in the eyes of the people who appear at the ranch never gets old. It is never too late to share what we have and do. I have been with the animals at this location for 17 years, the clinic, the horses, the landscape, and I still smile when people say how much they enjoy being here. I have been blessed, and share the blessing whenever I can. This weekend, Dr. Bill Hampton and a horse loving crew is here learning the magic of a horse's spine and how to care for it. Thanks all for the gift of not being late to the gift of horses and all that they offer! You are here, exactly at the right time! And we are so glad to know you. Thank you for sharing your joy and willingness to learn.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

TIME out......

I teach that concept for healing, rest and recovery, in my work. A time out is not a punishment, it is a chance to evaluate your field, your attitude, your view of things. If you are in it, or on it too tight, too close, too hot, it will mash together, and you will mix us all up. Your view, and how you interpret and project it is your responsibility. A time out gives peace a chance. It offers a respite. Some need long time outs, like the R and R we call vacation. Others go to jail when a vacation may have been offered a better time out scenario. It is the same only different as the paradigm shifts, the view is different and the individual gets chance at peace. Take one when you need one, it is about you and your willingness to admit you need a break and chance to peace/piece yourself back to balance. Adults, and children alike benefit in every way, when a time out takes the place of conflict. I know I do. Namaste' Dr. Su

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fragile? Not us, not any more

Women and children are a gift to the world. Without US there is NO future. It is the revelation of so much now as people speak of the losses felt from the abuses perpetrated by the male machine in so many arenas. Women and children telling their truth, are finally being heard, and not just SEEN. For years we were told, bullied really, to only be SEEN, and not heard, and that time has reached it's final conclusion. WITHOUT US, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT. Trust that. I have experienced abuse, spoken of it and heard many many stories of it by my clients and my friends. I have seen it's destruction of health, and happiness and watched it destroy futures. It can become a lifetime of recovery for those who stay alive with it's memory in the body. Some others just cut bait and move to the next dimension for there is no peace or quiet here in their worlds and telling their story is just not going to happen. Living with a secret is death, as the energy to keep it hidden takes it's toll swiftly. Listen to the stories of those willing to share, help them heal, for at first they are fragile in the cracking of the shell that has surrounded them. REVELATIONS, HAVE BEGUN. With time, love, understanding and forgiveness, all becomes whole again in the light, with the truth and creating the recovery. Then, only then, can we grow up here again, in love and light and laughter, in the ways we were intended to. Peace and love, Dr.Su