Sunday, May 28, 2017

Whether or NOT, you have children, ACT like you DO, WALKER ART CENTER.

A gallows was erected in Minneapolis MN at the Walker Arts Center outside for the people to see, and children saw it. So did everyone else that drove by. It was horrific and deeply disturbing and unnecessary and super disrespectful of a loss that Minnesota has yet to heal from. My family member was executed on that original gallows and I get to have an opinion about that, as it effected my family for generations. I know only one thing for sure, we protested! It went out like a clarion call, a warrior's hoot and it is coming down immediately! We are now done behaving as if the children of earth DO NOT MATTER. What you say, do, erect, show in your eyes and smile is their future, the future of this world. The future needs our love, our understanding, our compassion and our vision for a whole healthy unified planet. Keep vigilant of your words, your thoughts, and YOUR DEEDS. They are being recorded and you will account. Let the children of earth feel our hope, hear our songs and want to learn them and sing them with us. It is our chance at a wonderful future now. I am taking that chance in all that I do, how about YOU????? Sing it baby, sing it loud! Dr. Su/Sioux

Thursday, May 25, 2017

No disrespect intended

I may not agree with things, I may not understand other things at all. It does not make it bad, wrong or broken. It makes it simply present. I have no disrespect for presence. It is HOLY! I know we are in the midst of struggling toward the son/sun, just like the morning glory flower. It is a journey. Each day, honor your field, your flower is YOU. Get up with the sun, go outside and let that sunlight wake up your energy, energize your field, and kick your brain on. It is free, simple and it works respectfully with every thing in nature, including humans, every single time, even on a cloudy day. This is how our world works best, use it. Live and let live, let others do their stuff, and as long as you are safe in your own presence, let that be handled by someone with a better view and bigger heart, or maybe a bigger stick! Namaste' Dr Su, who has already been in the son/sunlight today.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ZYTO me please!

Energy scans are like drone footage. An energetic view from above your field of life. It is so cool when I can use a ZYTO scan to find a sniper in the grass that you were unaware, was taking shots at your health and happiness. Think of the vast amount of aspects to your reality that effect your energy, your immunity, your thought processes, and your longevity. Not to even mention your sleep and your weight. We are fooled into buying things that keep us sick and sad and awake all night. Get your sensory net working again. Your limbic system is your guide in this world, use it. If you do not know what it is, then ask. Horses use their net, their limbic system, 24-7, to simply survive. How important is YOUR net? Do you know how it works? The ZYTO scan, the drone above, will show you the holes in your net, so you can mend them, by mending your ways of doing things with a new view of YOU. Simple, easy, and well worth the time spent. ZYTO me please.

The last time SOMEONE got YOU!

I love to get GOT. I know the feeling of knowing and getting GOT is one of the those feelings. A familiarity, a past/passed connection, a long lost friend from now or before now, or even a HEY, I get YOU new and now. I love it when I am understood, and everyone I know does too. It is that safe, accepted and yes, loved place that all humans need to come home to. When we are understood, in our own language hear/here, we are whole. I was privileged to watch what a whole/hole, needing to be filled, looked like last weekend. Key board warriors helping the Water Protectors of Standing Rock came from around the globe to do just that. They got GOT, they got each other and they loved that whole connection. It is sweet when we get those moments, and to give that a chance is a new way of life here. I may need to step back for a minute to understand your language, your ways, your spirit, BUT I WILL DO THAT, EVERY SINGLE TIME! I will get you, so that you get me!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

in LIGHT all is seen

You can not have it part way if you want the whole way cleared. Truth is truth. If you are hiding something, you are seen, whether you think you are or not. Nothing goes undetected nor unrevealed now. We were waiting for the time to shine! That time is now. Be proud of who and HOW you are, step away from anything that is not clear and whole, it will take care of itself. In light, there is NO DARK CORNER! We are free to be all that we can be, and I, for one, have waited awake for a long time. Nice to see the others coming into the wholeness of the sunshine and it's light and love of earth and her children! Unity, peace and freedom are the rights of everyone. Celebrate them. We are now about to begin fresh.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Saturn and Uranus appointment with change!

It has happened before and will again, and if you are out of balance it will balance you OUT, or in, which ever you need. Funny how we ignore guidance, and do it our own way. Later we see that we were guided, ANYWAY. In 1999 and 2008, my world shifted. And now again, in 2017 it will shift too. I look forward to the world going upside down, as we are now ready to take her back to health and harmony. It got a little crazy for awhile. I knew in 1987 it would be a ride, and YES, it will make a good book. So as you come up to May 19th, get ready, then we can set and go to new heights, TOGETHER. See you at the ranch this weekend for the Standing Rock Gathering! Check Mator's facebook page for details, or Hawk's Ridge Ranch, Hudson, WI.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The IMPORTANCE of being YOU and showing UP!

In a society that compares constantly, measures everything and judges winners and others, we have forgotten how IMPORTANT we are as individuals. It is so vital to our recovery here now. I am a baby boomer, we were born of war and the remnants of what fear and conflict cost. Tough stuff. We were a product of nuclear energy and it's ability to change everything in an instant. We transitioned from the horse to horsepower, in the flash of a light. Then we added in. KEYBOARD WARRIORS were introduced to our world, and they are coming to the ranch this weekend to meet face to face! Every person on this planet has an important role to play in a world struggling to heal. Every warrior counts. It does not matter how you do the work, only that YOU DO IT! So remember, every thing you do with passion, a smile, a love for others and your self, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing of ALL you do! See you on Saturday, Mike Fasing and the Keyboard Warriors of Standing Rock and all the Water Protectors of Earth are here to share their vision! We are so glad you are coming! Dr. Su/Sioux