Wednesday, April 26, 2017


My life is protected. It always has been. I agreed to return to this place one more time and that was the deal. It was to be a safe place to assist myself and others with the shift. I have been shifting the whole time. Over and over again, I upgrade. It is a fun adventure and also sometimes harrowing and always enlightening. It calls to me to call to you. BE PROTECTED. Let yourself find safe space here, and attract safe people to be with. No need to fear anyone, or anything. Get your sensory net up, and working! If you have anxiety, or panic attacks, you are feeling it. NOW stop what you are doing and look around, take notes, make changes. Your body is your protection. Your limbic system is live, and wanting to help you make good healthy grounded choices. I use horses to teach this, since they live by fight or flight in their world. They know when to back up, turn and flee, or strike. YOU DO TOO! You may have forgotten this, or it has been sabotaged. Either way, enough now. Find your safe space. It is here, and within you is the compass to it's outer reality. No time like the present to be present, and now, ACCOUNTED for. You are safe. I always was. Namaste'

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Standing Rock - Mike Fasig - Meet our Water Protector

Mike said I am going to North Dakota. I said good. Dr. Su went to North Dakota too. It was good. Lindsay went to North Dakota. It was good. We all returned to Hawk's Ridge Ranch in Hudson Wisconsin and decided to invite others to hear about water protection, the seventh generation, the fulfillment of prophecy and to meet like minded people face to face. Key board warriors, a new term for me, are coming together now to know one another. Film and spoken word will feature this love of Mother Earth at Standing Rock. Mike will also accept donations for a new truck. May 20-21 and again, May 27-28 we will host a gathering, including food, horses, fires, and film. Reservations are necessary, $100/person each weekend. Hotels near by or a camp site here at the ranch for Saturday night for a small fee. Join us, our future is forming and together we can see a vision for our water! To reserve your spot, call Dr.Su at 715-426-7350.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Call your friends

Allow, Align and Appreciate. That is what I am advised to do. We learn through allowances given to us. I certainly have allowed much. I have learned much because of those choices. As a child what I spent my allowance on was specific to me and my needs and desires. A great way to learn. I am now advised to find and accept, and align with that and those who match my fire. So I am calling friends. Along the way, in this life, I have made friends. Some came for a moment, some for a life time. Alignment with someone who likes and loves you is the best. There are many. It is the way Creator does it too. Love, and like, and align to a certain way of communicating, that is sweet and harmonic all at the same time. Today think about those who have aligned with you, and give them a call. Also consider new alignments. It is time to come together. Happy Monday everyone. Give me a call.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here is MY first question

WHAT are you accountable for? I have spent time with addicts, people out of jail, kids with disabilities, homeless, water protectors, diseased people, and relatives and friends. When they decide to be accountable they just DO it. When they want someone else to do the work, their work, they use cover stories, old books with text that is morphed to control humans, and blame or let someone or something else do the work they came here to do. They call themselves powerless. They wait, and wait, and get together in groups and say that over and over! And then..... it finished and they leave the planet. I am accountable. I knew to live, I must take care and be ACCOUNTABLE. First, ME, then my kids, then anyone else who wanted to be healthy, and learn how to do it themselves. I have since pitched in on other things too. Water is a big one, food another source of my focus. I also love fun and travel, and share that with lots of folks. Please, decide and do what you have a gift for. THEN open it up, we need the gifted to get to it now. You will be called to account for unopened gifts when you return to the SOURCE. Namaste'


No time like the present. It is the only time there actually is. Many are awakening to a reality here that is new. Got questions? OK! You should ask for answers. Feel free to open conversations about that which interests or confounds you, either way they are worthy. I have lots questions for the Creator, and we will chat when I go home, but for now let's talk openly while we are on Earth. This is YOUR time. Let's learn the secrets of each other, and the Universe all together now. Decide which things you want to know about first, and then - ASK!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The light of love and the love of light

I read about Tesla, he lived for light. He dreamed of light for everyone, free and available to the whole planet. Not an ownership deal, an everyone everywhere deal. Did he love light? Yes. Did light love him? I believe it! You came from light too. Into the clay you made humanness a way to try your light. Quite an effort really. Some hide their light, some try to extinguish their light, and some fire it up for everyone to see. Light and love are gifts. You, are a gift that came from light, to find light, to share light with the world. In being human, and finding our light, we can then see our path. My light shows me the way that is best for me. It also shows me all sorts of things to beware of. Today, Earth Day, light it up people! Get your lights on, and your smile bright, pitch in and share all you love with this planet of ours. She needs our light, our love and our community with one another and all of the Universe together in light. Thanks Mr. Tesla, you may be gone, but your light remains, and we are doing amazing things with it!! Happy Earth Day!Outside we go, loving the light of a sunny spring day.