Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All of us in this together, or not?

The excluders are out now. The elitists are leaving. Fear and loss, past/passed. Those home here on the range are taking back their homeland and it's resources, which they were stewards of from the get go. I have stood and watched and listened and prayed. I have called out to the powers of the air and water and land and those in charge, and they have heard us. It is time to stand together and support the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as soon as our water, food and children are safe!!! It is up to us, no one else. Abuse is out, victims have voices and we need them to join ours in the calling to the four corners, the four directions, and the unity that Creator guarantees! Bottom line, all not in, are out. I am in, always have been and proud of the human race, who despite all odds, did what they came to do, embrace the ability to THRIVE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Value - yes, YOU are valuable!

Wars were fought over YOU. The rights of the freewill individual and the creative source of unending energy within you, has incredible value. You are the physical container of that valuable force. This is one key to the changes that we are making in the healing of our world. It has been a place of loss and less and great lack, which was simply an illusion, for a very long time. We are circling back into the light now, and the exposure of all that great light is the value of the human, being human. WE ARE THE CONTAINERS OF SO MUCH LOVE AND POTENTIAL that to own us was the goal. It is time to just give in to the fact that you own you. NO ONE else can, ever. It is your breath and your thoughts that are wanted, they control all the directions here. What you perceive and believe you receive, so think clearly and with self love, because you are creators. The body holds those gifts from the Universe for the time you are on Earth. So treat your body like the temple it is. It houses a Master, practicing being a Master. We are all waking up to that now, and peace and freedom are ready for us all to embrace. The value is great, because you know now who you are and yes, who we are all becoming.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Are we puppets on a string???

I had a marionette as a child, he danced for me and scared my sister no end. It was a real trick to get him to look sober and balanced and stand up straight. He was hard to control, yet he was not free either, he was connected to me. In my meditation I see those puppets here on Earth, like my marionette, dancing to the music of a drum that is not theirs. The church, the government, the schools, the doctors, the military, and the parents who danced like maniacs too, all pulling those strings. Truth is, our own higher self is the one in charge. They, who are us up above, must be invited to participate. No different that your guardian angel, who must be given consent to assist you. I consent daily, actually, I demand it. It is too challenging here alone. So look up, look past the strings of earth life that pull you around, and ask for the true captain of your ship to take control. The Creator gave us, us. We are all brothers together, not to push or pull one another, but to learn to be real boys and girls and stand on our on two feet. I for one, am ready, how about it? Cut the strings, and be real!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Who knew/new?

In the story of unfolding life, sometimes to go back around is fun. It is my 40th class reunion from a group of 230 playmates. The spirit of 1976 was a powerful energy and it is still is! It is so fun and interesting to re-unite after years of solitary adventures. One says this, and another says that. And stories unfold in lives of light and some that descended into darkness too. Two of my favorites have gone on, and missing them is a part of any reunion, as much as celebrating those still here. We are loved. We always were. Sometimes we forget that. If you have forgotten, just circle back around for a reunion, I guarantee someone unexpected will say "Hey, I always loved you!" and we all will smile at those memories. It is a legacy of light and worth hanging on to, we begin at the beginning and our childhood is a big part of who and how you are. Congrats class of "76" you still rock!

Friday, August 19, 2016


The telegraph to the stars. Yes, the stars! You are from the stars, and to the stars you shall return one day. Until then, they are in touch, even if you are not hereing/hearing them. Sorry if you are missing it. That little voice that speaks to you is you and all of your ancestors too, all on the same line like the old days of phone service. They are on the line with you all of the time. Humans started here long ago with 12 lines live. Over time and density and loss, humans went to only 2. That is about to shift again. Open your ears, your heart, your willing nature to the DNA of you and who and how you are naturally. TAKE NOTES! It is so nice to be connected, and to be able to clearly understand the messages. I promise you, there is so much to download that is good news now. Your star family and your earth family all, no matter how far away, offer you connections to their knowledge and experiences. LOVE IS THE RULE. Take them up on it, easier and faster and still just a powerful. It is free, and it will change you in a good way forever, listen for awhile, they have listened to YOU the whole time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

full moon su/sioux and YOU

This time it is the Aquarius energy, wild and free, like it should be. Like a new day, only at night, when the reality of life here is second to the dream time of the bigger picture of self and life on Earth. I know you know, everyone does in some way, they know everything. It just gets left out or forgotten or numbed. It is still there though in the rings of you, within. Mesenchyme is it's name, deep tissue it's place. Scars carry those memories, so do tumors and cysts. Put away for a time until processing them is the next step. Some will not process those memories in this lifetime. They will bury those memories in a casket or a crypt, yet they still are yours telegraphing through your DNA where ever you go from here. There is no escape, no jail will keep you away from you, no drug, no self mutilation. Not now, not ever, you will still be accountable for every single detail of living any way you live. I choose life in light and love and I laugh out loud a lot. I choose to live in nature, with critters surrounding me, when my kids got grown and gone. I choose a job in the healing arts since I study that stuff every day anyway cuz I love to!!! You are choosing too, with every single breath you take and every swallow you make, you are choosing the next step of your life. STEP LIVELY! Dancing in this full moon will result in big changes for you and the whole world! FULL MOON COME AND SHINE ON EVERY ONE!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

You must be brave to be free - you must be free to be truly who you were meant to be

Choosing freedom means being brave, every step of the way. It is hoping and believing that your faith in something or someone will be all that you know can be right and real for you. I have been faithful to my own heart all of my lives. I stay true to my word. When my heart lets go, I listen and let go too. That is freedom. Nothing here is static, it is chosen daily. Freedom is the key for me in this lifetime. I chose it over and over, and it has never let me down. I apply it's energy to all that I am and have and do. If you were truly free, what would you be, what would you do? Medical freedom is what I have been brave with. I changed laws, defended the defenseless and created a space where that freedom works well for me and many many others too. Freedom depends on each one of us honoring the gift that it is, and keeping it alive a wonderful adventure for us all. Peace and freedom, love and laughter good enough for me!