Thursday, September 29, 2016

Choices, all you get, is to choose, the greatest power of all

Memories, the book of you. The knowledge stored in the chips of experiences brought to life by CHOICES! As a little one, each step is designed to be guided, by one accountable for your safety and growth. They choose which way you would go. They can hold your hand, or let you try on your own. OR they can ditch you all together and let chance handle your development. I have seen it done all three ways. When you are hand held your whole life, you never get to fly free. When you are left to chance, most often your choices get used by someone else, and they shape your reality by choosing for YOU. Then there is the one who watches vigilantly over you and catches you when you stumble. They choose to see that the ways of your choosing have healthy outcomes, good or not so good. My girls were given choices from the beginning. I would set out three outfits and say CHOOSE ONE. I would put three kinds of food on their highchair tray and say CHOOSE. I would say, how does that make you feel? When their choices were tough. I also taught that freewill could choose Divine Will, and in prayer, ONCE said, their was that opportunity to hear/here another's choice. All we get here is CHOICE. It is an awesome gift from the Universe, and it is not taught here to empower you. Time to choose to change that, now more than ever before, YOU CHOOSE the OUTCOME>>>>>>>> I am.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Five Grand Pianos

Five, the number of change!!! Grand piano, the expression of pure grand harmony. And last night I dreamed they were in my basement. The subconscious part of my human being human. Playing the piano for me is a lifelong gift. I have two, an old upright and a white baby grand. I play them both. One is in my barn house and one in my log house. In my dreams I see the future. I know that is a gift and I unwrap it every day. Those grand pianos, in the basement of my consciousness were always there. Yet in my dream I was delighted to rediscover them and show them to others. Then, I found the one under the covering, and it was the grandest of all. And as I pulled back the cover and showed it's incredible beauty to those watching, we all, even me, gasped at such a wonderful instrument. Then I said, wow, I forgot this one was even here!! To those here who have remained on the Gaia Star, the Great Earth Mother, for this time of awakening and the new age, welcome. We have made it. Today marks the beginning of the Golden time of connecting and healing our world. Avatars walk among men, look to them for coaching, support and enjoy the fact that all is as planned, and yes, Creator is smiling. Now let me go play my pianos!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If not YOU, WHO?

Leaving things unattended, unfinished or simply neglected will work for this world no longer. Thinking that someone else will finish it, pick it up, clean it up or be accountable for what is YOURS to do is now to end. Those in that reality will stay there, and be unattended, unpaid, and even unemployed and left out. Only when we all do our part, and make sure every single detail is attended to properly and completely, will this world and their world upgrade. YOU, yes YOU are the one you were looking for all along! YOU, not Su, YOU!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Aim, AND FIRE! In the light of flash you will see!

The target of your focus, your words, your arrow, becomes you. Your thoughts, words and deeds become you. You are given a great and wondrous ability to see long distances and sailors will tell you, once a vision of the shore is available the trip there is short AND DIRECT. On horseback I tell my riders to look at their destination, not their horse, not the ground, not me, their destination! Lift thine eyes. I know when someone sees me, they see light, that is my job. Sometimes that light became a target, and that was OK, because that is how they focus on my world. Only when you take me into your site, can you get close to me and my amazing reality. An appointment will do, sometimes others do it in other ways, all good. My guardians tell me who and when and what is next, so no surprises for me. This is the greatest gift ever, and learning it and using it for your evolution here is incredible. So take aim at the outcome you desire now! See it and be it. I AM THAT I AM.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sacred sites/sights

I see them every day. You are a sacred, actually very sacred, site. I go to them on the Earth too, and do ceremony that honors our Great Mother and her efforts here. They deserve the acknowledgement and the honor of that small gift. I use sage, tobacco, my pipe, my flute and my words of affection. I stand in awe, I sit in quiet contemplation and I extend the feeling of gratitude, the same way I offer my gifts to YOU when you come as a client of THE HAWC. I believe that the energy we share in unity quickly grows. That is why certain places, times and behaviors do not attract me any longer. I have no wish to grow some things. I go where there is hope, beauty, kindness and those who see it and extend it too. Today Glenda and Matt will be my sacred sites, and I will honor them the way I know how! You, do the same to something or someone too, and our world will raise her eyes/I's and smile at us all. She is as sacred as it gets and we belong to her, honor her, for the Mother she is and we will heal this planet quickly.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You are free to go....

That is what was said to me today. You are free to go. So I went, out the door and down the road. The old garbage and those who live in it and with it can stay wherever they want to. You and I are now free to live in harmony and peace and with no toxic garbage in our life!! Thanks Universe, I am free and go I shall!

Monday, September 19, 2016


I do math in everything I do, I do numerology in every thing I do. It permeates our very reality. Is in my piano, my money, my days, my risks, my head knows math. Odds are you know some too. Do you count your steps, look at your watch or check the scale in your bathroom? Do you wait, by counting the days until......? Math is the basis for all that we are and will become. To know this, and then to know the math of the day, makes it easier. My friend Janet and I always laugh when a 6 day shows up, the math of those days is weird and rather sketchy, and in comparison to all the other numbers the least known by either of us. Today, 9-19-2016 is a 1 day. This is a day for a fresh start, a new approach, looking for an open door and taking a step up or in is all about today. I am in it to win it and using my math and knowing it and using it for my highest good and the highest good of all, is a great gift! It gets me to where I want to be. Ready to get there too?? Learn numerology, it is God's math, and he wrote the book.