Monday, July 16, 2018

Saying GOOD BYE!

Friends, leaving. Life in human form, complete. Saying good bye is important, saying thank you is also important. A season or a reason, that is why we connect. If you are still connected, be nice to each other. If something or someone has left, say GOOD-BYE, Godspeed, and thank you for the knowing of you. Animal or human, friend or acquaintance, we are ALL CONNECTED. Namaste' Richard Reischel, you will be missed!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

In the fire see the light

I am a double fire sign, Sagittarius moon and sun. I am one fiery character. In that light, that fire is a smile and a smart remark sometimes too. It is how I roll. I love to laugh, chat and let that fire shine. Look in your mirrors today. They are in the eyes of those close by, and in the bathroom above the sink. See what you need. Is it fun, lively, and lovely or is it less? SMILE! Practice makes perfect. If your teeth are gone, get some, or smile anyway. I had a guy once have his front tooth pulled, and he smiled the whole time it was missing. That made me smile too! In that relief of pain and toxicity, there was light. A fire started, and he sobered up and got safe here among humans. He even went home for awhile, a place he long ago abandoned. Smiles are the lights that take you were you want to go, so smile and let's light this 4th of July UP!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

running into an old friend...

He asked how YOU were. I said, not OK. It seems to be how the world is feeling. Not OK. Not in a place of service with a smile, lend a helping hand, or pitch in with a smile as the first line of love spoken. I see the clouds of fear, and feel the loss of connection. I hear hard words, and less accountability. It is time to reconnect now, our planet needs us to connect to her! Our children and our neighbors need this too. On this holiday, see the freedom you have, even if it seems limited. Express the joy that comes with the ability to sit up and take nourishment, and move about the cabin! It is a gift to be a human, and someday you will look back on it with eyes wide open. I want you see a good report!~! And remember, you and only you are the one in the SPOTLIGHT! Shine on warriors, shine on, and HAPPY HOLIDAY!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

The wheel....

Our Medicine Wheel is turning, and the light and warmth from her fire is healing. It brings stories, and songs, and gifts, and even tears to those who come to be with her. It is the Creation Story. It is YOUR story. Join us for a fire, a weekend, a tipi stay, or a horse adventure. It is here, and so are we. Welcome to the Medicine of Hawk's Ridge Ranch, Hudson Wis. Thanks to all who helped us get this awake, and alive. That means you - Katie, Riley and Turtle!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

You're Entering your Center!

In the middle, that is where we are today beneath this big full moon in June of 2018. The center of your reality looking you square in the face!! If you are lost, helpless, sad or just bewildered, take a time out. You deserve a break in the negativity. If you are opening a center, a healing place within and all around you, get going with it!! I am!! Welcome to Dr. Sioux's B and Be Well! Our first campers came and loved it. Inside or outside, bed or futon, tipi or your own tent, we have the land, the views are awesome and the fire circle that teaches the Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel burns brightly at night! Your group can take their space here, or your family too. I know we need to chat, and this is a good healing place to do that. AND by the way, there are horses here, and they love to give rides.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Words create life or nothing at all

I am a word lover. I use them in my work to show a way through the maze of health. It works for me. I use them to tell stories and share success and less. I also us the NO word now. No means NO! I use it when someone or something pushes me too hard. Those pushes can come in words, acts, or even looks. I learned during the KSTP lawsuit that my words were my truth, and the jury knew it to be true too. Be a steward of your words. Speak only the words you long to hear! So we can heal this world together with words of respect and love.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Considerate? It is the time and money in our lives.

Are we so far off from reality that real true consideration is no longer a consideration? My time deserves your consideration, as does yours. My life does too. I have watched the inconsideration of late, lack, last, and losses too. I have be where someone takes and gives nothing in return, except that same empty hand again looking for more. I am not sure how to respond. Once long ago I walked out of a restaurant when my inconsiderate companion showed up late again, without notice of any kind. I said that would be the end of meals and deals with her. She forgot to consider me, my time, and my life. After a little time passed, she apologized and we are still friends. If we want to get along, we must remember our manners. Your time, your effort, your life have great value! We must insist on recognition of this, the same with our Earth, our animal friends, and our own inner children. See to it that you consider EVERYTHING before you do what you are going to do next. I will then consider you too. And taking all things into CONSIDERATION, I believe things will improve around here.