Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I hear the tales of woe from those who impotency is causing them to be lonely. It is a result of fear, the pure opposite or antithesis of love. To find the power within, the heart must be engaged. Love must be present and pulsing. You have three brains, the gut, the head, and THE HEART. The heart is the soul's connection to life here. A vision of purpose, and in it's back part, family and community. When the purpose for being here is hazy, the fear starts throwing zingers at the heart. It is called anxiety or even panic. It tries to jump start it to spring to life, or sometimes, DEATH. Too many zingers result in impotency where is no spring to anything left to do. Circulation dwindles, and the system stops working and just shuts down. So in the spirit of love, and life, be fierce, not fearful. Take a chance and love with all your heart, SOMEONE or SOMETHING OF PURPOSE, FOR US ALL! It will change that loss of potency, to a powerful energy! Love is all there is now, and we need all we can muster!! Namaste' Dr. Su

Monday, March 12, 2018

Bored? Help some one out. Find some horse power!

I heard someone say they were bored. I said it looks bad on you, a gray energy, rather lifeless and debilitating. They said boring, your words are boring me. That person's life and it's reality had become bored. Like the little child who has lost their imagination, and has no friends, or toys, or ideas any longer. Boredom is an energy extinguisher. It causes nothing but trouble when you let it in. Look up and then look around. If you are breathing and moving freely about, help someone out. We have need for volunteers. I use them for horse programs. My horses are not ever boring!! Join in the fun, the world community needs bored people, who want a new start with life. Imagination counts, energy counts, joy and it's full expression count. Say something nice, eat something healthy, drink a full glass of water, and go outside into the sunlight for awhile. As soon as you recharge, call us. It is spring here, and time to get the horses ready for another season of loving the children. Groups and individuals come here to learn bareback horsemanship, and THAT is not boring!!!

Star Knowledge

Do you feel like a star? A shooting star, a falling star, or a burned out star? Our sun is a great and wonderful star. It shines it's bright light on us each day and our body and our mind respond to it. If you are out of balance or toxic, you will react in some way very telling. It is our spirit that I speak to today. That star, that Merkaba crown that we each strive to wear here, it our personal star. It is for individual, global and universal energy. It lands on our crown chakra and radiates light to our field. Today, ask for star knowledge. It is needed here to help our community of humanity to lighten up and begin again. I will seek star knowledge all the days I have here, and share it with all who ask. Namaste' Dr Su/Sioux

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Passion for love and life!

To have passion, one must be and feel passionate! Choose someone or something to be passionate with and about. I am passionate about wellness, there fore I am well, SU-PER well. Actually a super deep well of life's true passion. Think for a moment about what you truly adore and find beautiful and need and want and will stop at nothing to have. Then with the passion of a storm, a tsunami of energy, indulge yourself with that passion!!! Only the passionate will thrive, the rest are boarding the bus for a different way of life now. And I bid them a fond fare thee well. I have things to do, people to see, and magic to share, passionately!

Friday, February 23, 2018


I do not wear a watch. I haven't since 1995. I knew I was watched anyway. I have always known I was watched. So are you. People say, oh, the devices are watching. I say, of course, so what. You have bigger eyes on you than those little eyes. It shows how important you all are. If you were not watched, it would mean the Universe didn't care about you, or us, or our world. Well, it does. We are important. Our lives, our choices, our water, our land, our work, our children, our future, ALL IMPORTANT. So smile, you are all on candid camera!! Enjoy getting caught being nice, or doing something special! It is all going down in the records of time, the Akashic records all things. And you are going to be remembered. ME TOO! I for one and going to leave behind and up ahead, smiles, lots of smiles! See you in the movies. Dr. Su/Sioux

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

fun comes with light, love and lots of laughter - celebrate!

When you smile you activate your immune response. I will say it again and again! It is free, and available to all. I see the dark shadows under the eyes of those looking down with no expression. Those who prowl around all night evading sleep, and then wondering why they are sad, tired and soon to be sick or abandoned even. We are like all things alive on the planet. We need light to live. We need water to live. We need whole organic nourishment to live. AND we need fun to live. When you smile, look up, laugh out loud, sing at the top of your lungs, and speak the truth laced with hopes and dreams, you live. Without it, you leave. These are real and true, made for you. And free will is the gift that you have, use it to celebrate your life, and all that surrounds you. It is the way to whole and healthy and love!

Sunday, February 4, 2018


As a child I loved to make friends. It was fun, and motivated me to move around. It gave me a vision of the eye's/I's, the I am that I am's of others. It gave me a chance to tell them what I was all about too. People, get friendly. Get warm again. So many reasons to not show up are not enough reasons really at all. I love to ride, to ski, to have wine and fires. It is a friendly way to live with myself and my world. I opened HIPCAMP last summer, to be friendly and allow others to stay in my tipi and ride my horses. I now am considering my home for that too. I live in log cabin, and it is ONE FRIENDLY PLACE. See you soon, watch for the opening! And then come on by and stay awhile. Dr. Su/Sioux/Tsu Namaste'