Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Indians and soldiers, forgiveness for everyone asked for and granted

The wars we are about to say goodbye to forever are being forgiven. Not forgotten, forgiven. Mercy is being asked for and received. The few who made it to Standing Rock stood up for the many who wanted to go but could not and asked. The veterans who went to support the natives in protecting their water came together in a ceremony of healing. They asked for forgiveness for the wars here in America. They need to know that the future is free from anger, loss and blame. We all need to know our future depends on that. Looking back, letting go and moving into the light has to happen now quickly. It is the only way to heal our planet. Working together here, side by side, smiling and yes, remembering without pain, the key. Find someone and say you forgive them and ask them to forgive you too. We are all in need of love and that is what will fill in those holes! Thank you Creator for the Standing Rock energy that is opening the doorway to our future here, we are forgiven and moving forward now.

How and why YOU DO YOU...

is what counts here, that is the way we see you. We are here to see one another now. Hiding, separate, ashamed or afraid no longer, as we awaken and do us doing us. Music, farming, wellness, builders, cooks, shoe makers, snowboarders, and the list in goes on forever. That is some of WHAT we do. How we share our gifts and our process is one key. Then, why we choose to deliver it that way, another key. I can do the same job as someone else, yet get a completely different result. Frequency, or what I call bandwidth counts. Delivering my gift to a variety of receivers, like a radio station with great strength as opposed to a weaker energy only getting to the few. I like how and why I do Su/Sioux. Do you like how YOU DO YOU??? Yesterday Monica and Andre took us snowboarding and skiing at Vail. They both work here and perform well. They showed us a route that we could enjoy, a mountain they know well. They shared a wonderful and kind and generous day with three women thirty years their senior. Now that is what I am talking about. How and why they did that, magical! The three aunties were enchanted and had a great day on the mountain. Thanks kids, we love you doing what YOU DO so beautifully!!Namaste' Monica and Andre, you rock.

Monday, December 5, 2016

where from here - Standing Rock and the future

It took a very long time to come together in the advent of so much loss over long years of isolation. Those days of separation need to be over now once and for all time. The Standing Rock Water Protectors have a new lease. A new lease on life lived in peace for a higher good for our Mother Earth and one another too. It is just the beginning and I am delighted. It is amazing when we realize that miracles can happen and that prayer really does work and people, no matter what race or age, or sex or experience, all have great value and as a team are unbeatable and truly wonderful. Together we stand and united we shall remain, this world is counting on it and so am I. Thank you Water Protectors! You are loved.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 days - sing it!

Sioux Z went to North Dakota to be with the water protectors from her Navajo home in Arizona. She said, my family said, see you in 10 days. It has been 10 weeks since that good bye. They talk everyday, they say MOM do this thing! We are so proud, and we are so there, in spirit and with our love and support. Then she was seriously injured by DAPL security hitting here with a tear gas canister, point blank, exploding it at her head and her eye was damaged. So she came to the ranch, Hawk's Ridge Ranch here in Hudson, Wisconsin. We do recovery work here. We talked about it, then we sang, and then we sang some more. We sang until the healing began. It is time! 10 days, 10 weeks, 10 months, or even 10 years to sing, to heal, to get together and support one another and the planet. Sometimes that is all it takes, a song. Sing everyone, sing loud. The earth is listening, so are the angels, the aliens and the ancestors. Sing out loud now, our future here depends on it!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Bored? Come on over

Over the past few years the world has been awakening. I am glad for that. It was a dopey, groggy, slow to respond and a lonely place to be. Now there is some life happening. A bored child is a child in trouble. It has always been that way. I knew kids as a kid who went home to NO ONE. They were bored. No one to tell anything to, good or bad, scarey or exciting. I knew them, and now they are dead, some while we were still kids. I believe they died from boredom that caused them to choose other things. I would see them disappear energetically and soon after, they were truly gone. I knew they felt neglected and unworthy. I would talk to them on the phone just to keep them company. I was not bored, I had a pony, a pup, a river with a beach and a bike. I had friends who loved to play outside and I played with them a lot. I loved to bake and so I baked. I loved to be tan and fit, and so I was. I loved to talk and there were those who I could talk to. I still do. If you are bored so are your kids, find a friend furry or human and let them talk, this life of technology is fun but boring really boring. Humans are designed for sunshine, grass, snow, water, and fresh air, lots of fresh air. I know this is a recipe for success, that why I share horses with people. They are NOT boring. Join us and all of our horses, for a solstice celebration and drumming on the 12-18 at the ranch. It will be a fun afternoon and we need to see your smiling face this year. This is the time to get a plan, a life, a pet or just a good friend, a time to be on the Earth as a human being human. I know you will love it! It is never boring.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

On the wings of the Eagle

We use the eagle's feather for a lot of things. Head dresses, fans, flags, emblems and prayers. It is the way of the light, bright white and very revealing from high above. A raptor with great vision and incredible strength here on earth for her children's support. Some call the USA the eagle, when recently the USA was far lower to the ground, more like a rodent than a bird. The gift we were given 248 years ago of the eagle energy with was not used properly or for the good of the people. Some took it as their own, when it is really for us all. It was used to bully our own people. In lots of forms, it took power from those who could of used it in peace time, and gave it to others less peaceful and used in a bad way. An eagle feather can be used by an indigenous person for the power of prayer, it has not been available to any one else. Isn't that interesting? If a non-native person got caught with one feather they would be fined and it would be taken away. Powerful energy from one feather can change things. Those eagle people know who they are, and they are stepping into authority now. Standing Rock has many eagle people, as do others across the land, using this gift now to call in the Highest Light and it's authority. Today, stand outside and call to the eagle. On the wings go the prayers of the people to their highest place, and there cometh our help! It is time to use our gifts to their fullest potential, and the eagle is one such gift. Megwitch.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So not what people are taught here. It is such a new way of being and thinking and living in that trust, that it's restoration will open the NEW AGE. Welcome now. I know that I have been taught over and over NOT to trust. That my nature of hope and optimism and let's give it a try are generally going to show me something that does not have trust or truth. Earth has devolved to that point, sadly it lasted far too long. Today is the Sagittarius new moon of trust! Opening the stars to the humans, with a we got this attitude of reconnection and support in our new effort to clean up around here. Years back I had a guy clean up around here and he robbed the place, then I had one try to burn it to the ground. I have always trusted the larger guardians to keep me safe, and that trust has paid off in everyway. They did. I have always been safe and attended to in every way. I kept my faith, my hope, my love and my trust, in those I could not see but knew they were real and there and very involved in my life in every way. I never lost trust that people, or my work or my future was not loved and needed. Trust yourself now, your higher self, your view of more, and your skill at delivering to this world the hope of healing and love and connection for us all! Welcome we are glad we made it.