Sunday, July 23, 2017

Our new Earth is calling

There is a light on now that had been shrouded for centuries, many many many centuries. It is causing a lot of activity. There are fires starting in cold stoves! There is coffee brewing and people are stirring at the warmth and the smells and the calling! As I watch those beautiful awakenings, I smile. I know that we are on the verge of something so special and so right that we can barely imagine it. WORLD PEACE. yup!! Water and food and fresh air and lots of ideas that create harmony and healing here. Enjoy the new season of light and love and laughter, I know I am. Thank you Creator of life, Great Mystery, this is something very worthy of our full attention now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Where there is decay, there is a parasite to feed on it. It happened today with my pup. She let them clear her system and we watched in amazement of such chaos coming from a tiny 11 lb baby pup. It is the same with humanity. We are breaking down with what we eat, see, breath and believe. We became parasite infested and that is worth talking about now. Cleaning up the world, and your body are up to you. I teach those interested, every full moon and the day before and after, take something natural to clean up your system. We use cloves, black walnut, oil of oregano and other magical things. Every frost in that comes in the fall, and every frost out in the spring, there is a house and horse cleaning around here, that happens at this ranch without fail. Learn how to see the parasites, and let them go feed on something else, you deserve to be free, healthy and educated on the process. Mni educated us again today on the brilliance of this aspect of life on earth! Mni Wiconi, the pup that means water is life, and it is true! She offers a lesson every day!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

meet your own needs now

There are things I need. There are those who need me. Needs are us!! We are about to get needs met we didn't even remember we had here. I laugh at our forgetfulness. In communion, one of the most powerful gifts given to humanity, we are told, and shown, to RE-MEMBER, EACH OTHER AND THOSE WHO ARE ABOVE US, BELOW US, WITH IN US AND WITH OUT US TOO. We are not separate, nor alone, we are water and apart of all that is here. We live and thrive in an ocean of humanity animated. Together we flow, we wave! Alone we dehydrate and ascend, or descend, which ever direction you are pointed. It is not complex, nor is it unavailable or costly. It's gift is to be remembered with each meal we share. In life the remembrance of your glorious beginnings, and your amazing opportunity to explore more, is under rated, under told, under sold and now in need of you. So today in honor of your lineage, your life is taking an upgrade by your willingness to look up, see your own needs and remember how sweet it all truly is! I need to share, you need to be shared with, so here we go!!! Lheet's meet up and get our needs met!! The time is right, and we are ready!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

My Heart song!

Each time I dream there is a song that plays in the background. I am conscious and aware of it and that frequency supports me. I am on my own wavelength, connected to wavelengths that are congruent with mine. It is time that we all get quiet enough to hear our own song. In the music of the heart, the torus of energy begins to pulse, like a drum. In the beat of that drum you thrive, your body is nourished and energized. It is love, it is water, it is life it is your song. That is the human way. A 7 billion frequency of heart songs on the planet of water! Take time out to hear/here yours. Then when you can hum that tune, join me in harmony. Peace out everyone!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The MAP to the MAZE

I see life here has a maze. A giant water color. This is the water planet, the blue one! I am a hawk, that is how we see everything! Above with the clouds we soar and we see. Some of earthlings look up and see us and smile, some wave, and some ask us what we see from there. I tell it is the gift I offer! That part of me is well known. I see and say all that are within my vision. I have the vision of healing and happiness and yes, horses. I can see a way through that some find difficult to find. It is the mapping of the maze.b> I use a variety of tools, and those who have asked for the map from the HAWK of Angel Hawk Visions get what they came for. I hope you get your map soon, there a lot of hawks out there willing to share their vision from the clouds with you! Don't wait to see and be the best you can be, health is free!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Seeing is believing

That is what we were taught. You must be able to see it, touch it, and taste to believe it. Funny how those need another person to play the game with you. Turns out we can feel it and it is true too. And we can do that all by our self. You and I were not taught to feel our field, our energy, our potential. We were told to wait then told what to do next. Even if it felt off or wrong. In the opportunity to grow up here, there was to be a time of learning how to feel your way through and ultimately your way back home. It is time to restore that training. Close your eyes. Sit in a space that offers a field worth feeling. I like to do that by a stream, or a crashing ocean wave. I love to do it in the forest too. In the space there are a multitude of feelings to feel. Some make my hair go up, some offer me a peace beyond human understanding. I know we are ready to feel our Mother, our world, the Earth herself. She currently feels lonely, torn up and abused. Find a place in her arms to feel and be felt. Share the heart of healing and be nourished by her energy and abundant love for her human children. Feel it to believe it, listen only to your own words, and our world will begin to find it's magic again! It is a feeling we all deserve, real love!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

To be the WHOLE you, SEE the HOLE in you

Our reality is a reflection of ourselves. What you see with your outer eye, no matter what you are looking at, is something you are aware of and have seen on the INSIDE of YOU. Frequency matches for you to become aware enough to see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, and ultimately, HEAL IT! If you are in conflict you will find war, fights, traumas and that which shows you the rage that promotes that choice. If you are sad your lungs will fill and your breath will be short, and noisy. If you are fearful, your world will become a scary place, everything will frighten you and will feel out of control all the time, even in sleep. If you feel guilt that you should be doing something more, or better, your gut will twist, your bowels will be out of balance, and that is where death to this life begins. Worry finds the stomach, and untruth the thyroid. The list is long and complex and worth knowing, as the journey to health and happiness takes a view from above and below, as within so without, know your road. Feel the way to well. It is a worthy adventure, and you are smack dab right in the middle of it.