Friday, February 24, 2017

Indigo Children - you are them

In the end, they came. Those with a vision of a healed planet. Their third eye, pineal gland, was active and taping and broadcasting. Able to bridge both sides of the brain and connect to the Universe too. You could tell who they were by that radiating light. Seeing it project through the aura, or watching the human, who would take risks and speak truth about their surroundings, including other people's intentions were some of what they brought with. They came to disturb the status quo. And they got the job started. The age was ending. The future of our planet unsure. Indigos were sent to help if they could. Lots came and left. A few survived, in spite of the challenges. Some even thrived. I did. After the convergance, much changed, and the drama became more intense. It seemed as if the control of earth was too strong to break, but break it has. Under the influence of our family, our help has come and we are ready to take back and cherish this world and her children of earth. It starts with the SELF, then it extends to your family and friends. A circle shall form and you will be safe within it. Share what you have, what you know works and love the chance given now to create the Eden, and live in the library of Gaia. We are designed to be divine, free and happy and in pursuit of all that is love. God is with us, and we are the family of light and love, and yes, you are them! It has begun.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Water protectors!

As the camp came down and the water protectors took a step back, many awakened. Sometimes it is the fire, the sunset, the loss, that wakes up the sleeping giant. I know, I see it everyday in my work. It is NOT too late. We can still change and save this way of life here. Water is the most valuable resource to a human being a human. If you not a human, you will not will care. There are revelations, revealing many truths now. See the big picture. Throw off the poor me outfit you were taught to wear. Slavery is past, walk away from those who pretend they know more than you do. They never did. We are not poor, we are super well off, that is why they came and took from us. We live in a world, with a mother, an Earth spirit that supports us in every way, every day. We had abandoned her, but she never left us! Open your eyes, your heart, your mouth and speak to her and then speak to those who do not need water. THEY MUST NOW LEAVE US IN PEACE. We can heal this! And we are and will continue to. Namaste' and good bye to those not from this world.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Donald Trump, The Media, The Illuminati and The Starseeds

Human Robots

I read auras, see energy, support the organic process of maintaining that field. It is a great job and I love it. I see the human robots in our world, whose energy has been hijacked. It is the basis for our wars, our cruelties and our enslavement to money, to religion, to social structure. It is the empty eyes that give it away. Not the cruel words, or horrid acts, it is the eyes. The eyes are supported by a healthy liver and healthy set of kidneys. They show our age. They close in on us, or cover us over, or simply become dim if not maintained properly. I see them fade from fillings of mercury, fast! I see them fade under the influence of drugs, in our food, our shots, and our little pill bottles that someone talked us in to. I see them lose their light, their twinkle, their spark, when they only look close up at a tv or computer all day. Eyes are us.i> Know to look into the distance, to see the far shore, let the light in and then let the light out, is your job. Your responsibility to learn and do for yourself. Dandelions, and blueberries, and carrots, and lemons and asparagus, love your eyes. Learn how they keep you human. ROBOTS? Not on my watch! See........

The Fibonacci Sequence - the spirals of energy

As my horse lay dying in the mud and the rain, his hair curled in thousands of curls. I could see Jacob's Ladder, the Fibonacci Sequence, the DNA of Danny Boy, open the door to the next realm as he prepared to say See YOU later to his physical body and me. In nature all life uses the spiral, in and out of EARTH LIFE. It is the organic process of life and death, in and out of this dimension. Look to the fern in the spring, her curly Q rebirth is dramatic. There has been so much revealed, and to know as much as we can about our life, our health, our environment and yes, our future too, is a great gift and great obligation to humanity. Engineering changes to our DNA, has damaged us. Screwed up the sequences and caused a lot of harm here. The Source of our potential needs no adjustments. It allows us to come and to leave, freely. Not altered or controlled as many are in that loop of loss, and less, and karmic jail. Danny knew, the other horses knew too, and respecting the final moments with love, and songs, and simply being present, were all we needed to do. What have we become, when that is not how we treat our friends, our family and our world. Look around for the sequence, if you do not understand it, look it up, and learn how wonderful and powerful you truly are. A gift from the Creative Source and worthy of all you know. To come here and leave here with dignity and love surrounding you, that is our gift, and we have forgotten it. Let's get it back, so the control, the drama, and the pain of being enslaved here ends peacefully, like Danny's life did. I love us all and will remain a while longer to share in the knowing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Inspired TWICE!

I do something when I am inspired. I do big things, spend lots of energy creating, and smile a lot under the influence of that inspiration. Back in the 80's I found that inspiration in my children. I knew I had to DO something. The way of life here was playing out for other's kids looked lame to me, maybe even broken. I had met my first autistic child, in 1982. Rory and his pain and the pain in his family from this horrible vaccine injury were life changing for me. I moved, out of the city, away from the stress. I got sick enough to get well, under the influence of natural medicine, as all other attempts in American medicine only made me more broken, in every way. I was inspired to become a Naturopath. In 1999 I was single again and had gotten a horse named Danny, he became my new companion. He was the amazing. I was raised with horses, and had missed them very much in my married life. I was now free to be inspired again. As a child ,my horse was my wings! Free, flying, and way up high, was the way I GREW UP. I was again inspired by being up on the back of that horse. Danny and I built a ranch, an arena, and program that invited autistic kids to ride. He gave ride after ride to children trapped in an injury so severe that healing came slow if at all, and took the patience of a loving powerful horse to show a way through. Cody was 8 when he met Danny. So injured by autism, that even touching Danny was traumatic. Danny loved that boy and touching became their connection. That boy loved that horse and he too was touched. Together, they reached out to each other, they touched hearts, souls, and life purpose was again in vision way up high on Danny's back. They brushed, they talked in their secret language, that only they understood. I smiled, and continued to be inspired. Cody did not speak words out loud, so when that day came that I asked him to say something to Danny, in appreciation for an amazing ride. He did! Cody, spelled out loud to that beautiful horse, I L O V E Y O U D A N N Y. As the tears ran down my face, and his father's face too, I was again, inspired. Cody and Danny rode together, bareback and saddled, inside and outside, slow and very fast, for many years. And Cody grew to be a man, strong, and powerful, like his pal Danny showed him he could be. It was a great gift. So saying goodbye to my old friend yesterday, my inspiration for Hawk's Ridge Ranch is heart breaking. Sharing with everyone, a great gift too. So today, in honor of that warrior horse Danny, whose love for children is legendary, be inspired. I AM and will always be. To Danny - fly free, young and wild, and I will see you at the RAINBOW BRIDGE. I L O V E Y O U D A N N Y , AND CODY DOES TOO! You are forever inspiration, I am a very grateful mom.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring fitness and wellness

It comes around when the sunshine reappears. A love of fitness and wellness and nature. We crave the out of doors, and can't wait for it to get here. The warmth of this unusual February heat spell here is stirring folks up early. I love that. It is fun to be able to have fun. I teach alpha training for those who wish to reestablish balance in their lives. I use my Zyto whole body scan, and teach the three aspects of control. DNA, life style choices, and mental/emotional health. Each contributing a third of your expression of life here. We break it down into specific details that apply to each one individually. I am, as a example, an O blood type, so I do well with fat and protein, not refined carbs. I am strong physical human and do well in strong body work, so I do yoga, ski, swim, golf and ride horses and Harleys. I am a double Sagittarius, which gives me a directness, an optimism and a wide view of life. I use these and other specifics to guide me in a balanced life here, and under that guidance I remain, fit, healthy, happy, and strong. I am fun and funny and successful, too. Join us the Healing Arts Wellcare Center at Hawk's Ridge Ranch, in Hudson Wisconsin for your detailed map to spring fitness and forever wellness. We are here! You can come for an appointment or a day or two. We have so many things to share. Thanks Dr. Su.