Thursday, October 20, 2016

Giving yourself permission

I know that when I go somewhere or do something I have permission. I give it to myself. I permit me. I pay my own way, I am accountable for the entire production, beginning to end. If I have dressed too lightly and I get cold, I take that into consideration and make sure I do not do that again. I do not stand there and freeze and wait for a passer by to give me his coat. Life here takes permits and permission. You have been permitted to come to earth, the living library, for a lesson or many. It is not granted to every galactic being or soul, it is rare and remarkable to be here, permitted to a few lucky beings. I know this to be true. While here, permission is the gift. It is called free will. Not divine will. Unless you permit yourself access to Divine Will. I certainly do. Daily! In prayer, meditation, my writing and my activities and my words, I permit myself to use SU, to use her perspective of Divine Design and Will. It comes in the Lord's Prayer, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Are you permitting this now, or has your personal will taken up all your time, and space? I have watched humans permit their own failures, losses, illnesses and dramas, when it is so simple to change by adding the Divine Will to overlight, oversee, and yes, sometimes override your personal will. This is a gift, a grace and a mercy, and I for one, appreciate it every single day. Align, permit the Creator and those in that place to help, and you too will be given grace and mercy, permission can only be granted to those who request it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Yes, each one here/hear has been called. Some slept through the call, some were too groggy to pick it up and just rolled over, others had their ringers off, some were too wasted to understand it even if they picked up. And yes, some of us answered it and are doing what we were called to DO. I answered that call in 1987. It came in the form of two brothers, who came calling and told me to wake up and get to it. I did and I did. It caused quite a stir in my life, the lack of understanding or willingness to allow me to align to it was to continue for a long while and I found the challenges character building to say the least. I had to let go of many people, places and behaviors that hindered my answering my call. The gifts given in the answer far out weighed the losses though and I celebrate them daily. I am grateful I was available to take the call, and give my attention to my answer every single day. Are you called to do, be or go?? If you think you are, you are. Get a notebook, and write down what comes to you. Instructions are being handed out, and keeping records of yours will refill our library with interesting stories for our grandchildren someday. Being called now, you are all being called now, listen and you will hear/here exactly what to do next.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Messages from the other side

There are two sides always, like a coin, like the day and night, like the mother and the father. I only got one side growing up. It was the my way or the highway life at my childhood home. No what the other side thought, since there was no one in that position to offer another view. It was a challenge, and I often took the opposing side just because it was there and no one was in that position. Even my Grandfather Earl was too far away to have a side from the male point of view for my mom's children. I have had to figure out a way to experience it on my own, as many children of single parents did. It takes patience and meditation and a willing open spirit to get a view from where you are not from. A lot of reading and writing go into the mix too. As I offer in this blog, my view, and I say one thing. Thank God for choices, sides, positions and perspectives, it certainly makes this life interesting and ever expanding. Many ways to do the same job, and it is what it is. Take a look from the other side today, and see what that feels like. Only when you have walked a mile in my moccasins, can you understand, me. And I can try to understand YOU.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My opening

Many years ago, on cold winter morning I accepted an opening to the next level of my connections. They came in an energetic trailer and have stayed. I knew/new sharing this news would be good for us all to know now. We are so much more than we were told, big, bold and everlasting. Light beings in bodies. Look, see and be a part of the bigger picture, we are all ready to reconnect. Say Namaste' to your brothers and sisters as they walk among you.

Did you here/hear the news?

I know many wake to that each morning. THE NEWS. Instead of the YOUs. The comparisons start there. The terms of today's race. The day is owned, dictated really by someone else, real or maybe just making something up. Brilliant really. An efficient sales tool, a mass promotion of the whims of the few who were in charge of this. I gave it up a couple of decades back, along with my scale and my watch. If I wanted to know the weather, I stepped outside and checked. I stopped racing, comparing, catching up to anyone out there long ago, having learned to hear/here. In my reentry each morning, I HERE and HEAR,they are the same thing. I listen, I write, I meditate quietly on the dreams of the night and the vision for the upcoming day. I make my own NEWS! Give it a try, you will really like the news of YOU gifted to you each and every morning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

from 3 to 4

I have lived here in the three dimensional paradigm, just as we all have. In the changing of the matrix, today offered me a new necklace. I wear on my chest always, a necklace. I had one for many years that was a merkaba attached to a feather or a flame. It made itself. I wore two separate pieces that all of a sudden, many years ago, glued themselves together. It is something very special to me. As I came back from dreamland today, I was given a new one. It has four sides instead of three. Although three sides, is super strong and untippable, four is complete here. I am a human who follow the words of the elders, and the four directions coming together for the completion of this paradigm is complete now, hence the new jewelry. I am great and full and grateful all at the same time in the gift of this expansion. Enjoy, even if this is a little confusing. See the four sides, equilateral and very strong as we move ahead very quickly now. You will notice the changes here very quickly taking their place and our upgrading of this planet and how we live here will begin to take shape now. Hallelujah! Welcome to the Melchizedeks who are here to support our process of light. Namaste'

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


That is the card I drew today, and OH YA, and vacation too! I use vacation as a strategy to help clients take enough time away from daily routines to reboot. We go every where! This trip is Nueva Vallarta, and it is the most elegant one yet! It is on Banderas Bay with paddle boards, yoga on the beach, body work, meditation, and classes in health and healing. Gourmet organic meals cooked right in our magnificent suite over looking the Pacific Ocean. Our butler attending to details we aren't even conscious of at home, maybe because we don't have a butler here at the ranch,..YET! This is an opportunity to heal with no one telling you that you can't. Edward and Jean took the trip last year and his cancer took a time out. He is a magical character, living life to it's fullest, singing Broadway songs for us all to enjoy! Our timing will be our strategy, I am offering these each season. The winter brings Jan and Nina and Gary along with Susan to the Rockies, a ski week of extraordinary delight, then in March and the one still open for clients is Rocky Point, Mexico, Puerta Penasco, the first week in March. Sea kayaking and the estuary are there along with golf and yoga unlimited. See you on vacation! If you want to join us, calling 715-426-7350 connects you to us, or will provide details soon. Dr. Su/Sioux