Thursday, September 21, 2017

Don't stop believin'

That song is etched in my head and my heart. Even in times of trouble, Mother Mary waits for me, and I love that! In our world the lows sometime seem to deep and long, and yet, many keep going. As the little Hawk I am sees, and says, don't stop believing"! We are there!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Words ARE US!

I am a word person. I love to read them, write them and I also always remember them. I am a woman of my word, I do what I say. I know that in the beginning that was how this whole party got started. WORDS! So in the past few months I have heard a few I really love. One was paradise. Rick said this ranch was PARADISE! So I put my tipi on HIPCAMP, so others could come and experience paradise, Hawk's Ridge Ranch style! Greg said, meat on your bones. I am a big strong human and I do have substance. It helps me be that person I am to be. I also heard some foul words, hitting the energy away or down, thwarting the home run direction it should or could have gone. I know now to send those people on their way. Please know how important your words are. Use them as carefully as you use your money. This is a resource with far greater potential then anything else we have here. Then add some love into the repartee and watch in amazement a creation that is sure to delight you and all who see what words do. I love words, they are free, fun and oh, so powerful! Let's change the world with beautiful words!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Reaching out

The world, in it's awakening, is reaching out to you. Sequestered for a long time from the Universal support system, we are finally downloading enough data here to reboot. I love that, and I for one, am willing to stay for the next level of growth. It is time to reach out to one another and help where you are needed. You all have a gift, an offering to Source and the children of that Light. Find a way to reach out, and you will be reached. A hobby, a craving, a habit, in common with someone else, in the light and spirit of love, will take us far! Join in, we need you NOW> This means we are all on the verge of remembering we are one big family! I love family, and know you do too.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Larry Long Live At Hawk's Ridge Ranch, Hudson, WI

I met him at the filming of a feature on historical trauma by film maker Bob Trench. It was a time when Past merged with Present, in this film of life and death on the reservations of America. It was the story that needed telling and Rick McArthur had important things to say in it. I sat and watched and listened. Larry later got his guitar out and began to play his music. Healing was offered. Later we determined that healing should be the focus, and the music of Larry Long offered to the future. Archiving is a big project and well worth the effort for decades of truth about the environment, the indigenous, the farms and families, and the labor movement. We are so delighted that our ranch, Hawk's Ridge will host. Join us September 23, 2017 for a pot luck dinner and live concert at 5 pm. Details on the Facebook page, Hawk's Ridge Ranch. See you soon! Dr.Su

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Don't stop believing

What is good, right and in your world, needs you now more then ever before. It is easy to give in to the lows and dwell on the losses. They do not really require any effort, just repetition, and following the complaints of another complainer. There is not time for that any more. We need to believe we can do this thing, here on earth, and with one another. Today see something magic, rare, special or even just good enough. And then believe in it with all your might. Tell it, it is worthy, beautiful, eternal and noticed. It could be a plant, a critter, or even another human. To change our world to a place of peace and community, it is going to need lots of believers believing in it. Believing it is still beautiful and can heal, and telling her so, is how we do it. It doesn't take money, or status or even education or age, it just takes love and believing that love is enough. AND it is, I believe that, do YOU??

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


We are all wired together. We are all wired to the Creative Source and it's higher ups. We are also wired to one another. Some know and understand how minerals are us, and they compose the wiring of our bodies, our energetic field and our reality. It conducts energy to the heart, the adrenals and the frontal lobe all at the same time in a very special way that makes us HUMAN. I had to learn wiring to survive here. The Chinese knew long ago and acupuncture was a remedy for misfiring wiring. I use that when mine is out of whack. Mine is different than others and knowing that helps. I could tell by my ups and downs when trying to compare or compete. It was telling and fruitful and led me to surrender to me. In that knowing I became a Naturopathic Doctor, a horse lady and a nature and kid lover. Then I shared the gift of that knowing with those interested. We all have right to be wired in a way that gives us health, light, energy, smarts, and a whole happy life here. Learn about your wiring, and take care of it, and it will take care of YOU! Namaste'

Sunday, September 10, 2017

All the time in the world? Ask Rick McArthur

So I said to my guest, Rick McArthur, I am Su, he says back to me, ME TOO. And that's how it all began. This last summer had a no time like the present, timing. I spent it with Rick McArthur, an American Indian, who had not much time left to talk and still had much to say. So he came to the ranch and did just that, gave us all his time and stories. Up early every morning, on the porch with his tobacco, coffee, the dogs, the horses and me. Story after story about the challenges of human life here. The water, the indigenous, the women, the children, the addictions, the historic trauma, the law and him. All of which he was passionate about. The twinkle in his eyes was never missing! Even in a fight, he would smile and twinkle at the end. I would too. We fought twice, both times ended in hugs as he gave in to a new view. Or at least he let me believe he did. I am grateful that we had that update and upgrade together. I know now that the losses of life on every level effect everything everyday, if you give in to them. He had sat on his land by his creek for seven years, losing his dignity and thinking that was normal as his health failed. His health challenged him in a way he could not control. I helped him understand then heal that issue. He became mobile once again, as control returned to his body and that was his miracle. He begged me to share on video those lessons of healing, and we argued about it. I, too, am an old war horse, and taking on a new project was a constant debate, with him pushing me to continue to help. In the final days, he gave us all the breath he had. He stayed up late and spoke on the porch each night, with anyone who needed a chat. He said he loved that, it made him feel like a rich man. I often left him there, to the moon and to his final words, to those who came to hear/here them. I knew his life was amazing, and got a front row seat to Wounded Knee, and all the other adventures he was on, in his stories. I, offer this. Time is NOW. Do not waste another minute. If you have a thought, share it. A passion, love it to life. Or a need to come in from the rain or off the creek, or any other lonely place you are, NOW is the only time you will have. We are in the great shift, and many will take the early train home from here. Rick did. We need you now more than ever before. If this past summer is a picture of the future, there is A LOT to share!! Now is the time to do it. Godspeed Rick McArthur, we will talk again soon. I love YOU to the MOON, and on the Pisces full moon, you took your early train. We will miss you, but your spirit lives here forever. SIOUX/SU and ya, ya, YOU too SIOUX!