Monday, May 16, 2022

Are you still smiling?

This was the first horse at my ranch. I bought him 1999 with the hope of creating what we created. His name was Danny. I trusted that my dreams, hopes and visions were real and attainable. I do therapeutic bareback horsemanship with a Limbic system specific approach. I do that all the time in work and play. The ability to control and balance fight or flight is crucial to our well being and longevity. We have been here 22 years at Hawk's Ridge Ranch and Healing Arts Wellcare Center. It is personal, and it is home. It makes me smile everyday and that is what life needs to make life filled with light, love and laughter, as well as health, happiness and horses. Oh Danny Boy I miss you, you were perfect, you helped make my dreams real, and that is good enough for me. It truly made me smile then and it still does.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Feeling the cramping

In the body a cramp creates an awareness. It is the alert and the alarm that something is wanting to be center of your attention. When that happens - BREATHE. Then use your Rescue Remedy and then...ask. In pictures I can see, in sounds that I can hear/here and in a language that I can understand - make it abuntantly clear - what's up?? Who is in need, and how can be of service? THERE you go, happy eclipse and full blood moon.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

good good good vibrations

hold still and receive all that you can. another eclipse on the blood moon will upgrade and update the human giving good vibrations outward. As above so below, as within so without. you are feelin' the field now, we are all connected!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Are you paying attention to the energy????

Shifting gears now. Upgrading the field of knowing and being in the field. We stayed in a low gear for quite awhile then we shifted in 2012 and then again in 2022. We are heading toward 11-11-2022 as something really new. GET your attention focused on the new you. Earth has already begun her renewal. SO SHOULD YOU TOO. We all deserve to be fit, healthy, lean, strong and funnier than hec!! Pay attention only to the light and the light hearted, the rest will rest now. We are just getting started!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Clearly now

When you wonder why or how or what the hec, listen to your old recording. Have you complained, grumbled, criticized, projected fear or loss or prejudice or inequality? Do you try to dominate another person, place or thing without thought or word or deed based in real love. We are only here/hear for a minute. When you speak you create reality, first in your field and then in any field that gives you ear. Be careful what you wish for. >The oxymoron of Covid 19 testing positive is fooling many. The truth is the fear generated by the belief that the global death wish is ONLY REAL to those who allow and align to that agenda and it's death sentence. I belong to the eternal, and infinite energy of the Great Mystery. I was divinely designed with love and the ability to give and receive it. Fear is a drain on that energy. YES we are ALL going to DIE. You know that to be true, and until lately it did not seem to rule your days and your nights as it seems to for many now. FIND THE LIGHT that shows you the love, the infinite and eternal, the co-creation of life here and where ever you appear next. It is a grand adventure, enjoy the life however long or not this portion is. THAT is the HUMAN BEING the HUMAN BEING forever loved. If you can not say something nice, then for heaven's sake and the sake of those who can here/ehar you, SHUT UP!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

frequency healing available here at the HAWC

What is a med-bed? There are many. We just added a device for your frequency balance. We are here to help soothe the disharmony. has our calendar and you can schedule your time on the med-bed. 30 minutes $99. Thanks for wanting to be well.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Jesus the criminal

To whom to owe allegiance? Jesus felt allegiance to the UNSEEN. A faith and a hope in and for humanity. The love that a renegade has is wild and free and energetic. It to those in authority at the moment, can be overwhelming. JAILABLE offense. Hangable offense. Crucify them said those too afraid to make peace and have an understanding of the GREATER GOOD necessary for continuation. Delay, deny and defend is the mantra of insurance companies. I know it to be the mantra of certain beings here. Delay their support, or love, or compromise. Deny it!! Defend to the death of that which they do not control, jail or hang? OR ....????? I am a WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMEN peacemaker. We are Divine Feminine and we are here to take that role. We delay nothing, we feel everything. We deny no one ever as all are a part of Creation. We have defended for a very long time are right to be sovereign and protected. NOW that time is over. We are a part of the healing, the nurturing and also the authority of the Great Mystery. We are guarded, guided and loved beyond measure, and we are tougher than humans as we are heaven sent. Jesus the Christ Consciousness, our Star Brother, a renegade, an outcast, a criminal to WHO?? Not me and Hopefully NOT YOU!