Saturday, May 27, 2023

Good News!

I fought with the NEWS of KSTP and I won. I want the GOOD NEWS! I am hearing it now more than ever before. You are a manifestation of the words you speak. It is the field that surrounds and informs you, and me, if I believe you. I choose to believe me first. You are all receiving what you have spoken in the world. You are powerful creators. Behave or BEE HAVE as if the life force in all things matters. YOU FIRST! Beautiful, successful, loved and loving, healthy, happy and of course in my worlds, HORSES! Good news all around. Happy Memorial DAY!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023


I hear things others do not. I see fields of light, and hear sounds that dogs here/hear. The hairs on my neck have been up for awhile. It is the alert that there is something going on around here/hear. SO I LISTEN. I will continue to listen until the hereing is complete. Let yourself hear the good news that our world is ready for the humans to take care and control of her fields. I love her and feel her love, just like family. Give it a try, you will be just as nurtured by nature as we are. Hear/HERE!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Good intentions

I have them, yet others may not get that first about me. I am direct, and speak honestly. It makes me me. I present cheerful ideas. When your intentions are misunderstood, or even totally mistaken, take a step back. Even sugar jammed down someon's throat is still JAMMED! The world is upset right now. Do you doing your best version of YOU. I am doing that too. Stay out from the line of fire. Lots will change very very quickly. ALLOW< ALIGN and soon you will appreciate the new age. See you paddling on the water!!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Make it a 2020 day

Look and listen magic is every where go and find a sparkle or a laugh lend a hand or some thing else good it is a 2020 day, the change you wish to see in the world TODAY!!

Thursday, May 18, 2023


We are all wired. Genetically, environmently, emotionally, biologically, and more. Do you know the wiring system? You are being offered the chance to upgrade old wiring now. Take a moment and use the water, pure and holy, the sunlight, clear and bright, the wind, clean and flowing and the garden of organic delights. Nature in her glory is her for her children. In reverence to her superior ability to sustain and nourish humans, as well as the other non-human creatures running around. Let's offer her gratitude. She is a force, and the Great Mystery holds her up in her glory. Take some time and allow an alignment that you will appreciate for a long time. See you in the fields and on the water and in the skies, we are taking in the magic in the season of summer. Welcome to Hawk's Ridge Ranch in Hudson WI for the Solstice celebration on June 17, 2023. We will be dancing around the fire and sharing food and music and stories and the love we have for our world and one another. Details on the facebook page, Hawk's Ridge Ranch. Or email us at you in the Strawberry moonlight of June.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Autism The rage of those with guilt

Fooled? Told and sold. Bullied by one who says they are the AUTHORITY. YOU and your heart field are the authority for you. Learn to navigate the field you were born with. My parents who vaccinated their children and put them on the SPECTRUM, rage! I have listened to them for decades. They are terrified. I know when I know, I feel it. This is where saying no, or maybe later, or I need more information or time, is the right choice. If you were bullied into a vax reaction, rage for a moment. Get it out of your system. Then forgive your lack of whatever caused you to choose something that did not match your field. YOU deserve to feel power and freedom. You deserve the truth and the knowing. Austism, now is becoming a part of history, we will not go that way again. Our children are the most valuable asset we have, so are our friends and family. GET the KNOWING, and saying NO will become your superpower, things not in alignment may now leave our world in peace.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

F A I T H hope love mercy forgiveness and of course GRACE!!!

I have read a lot. I like to. The books that show the faith of the Great Mystery</i> in HUMANITY are some of my favorites. It comes in seed form. A seed must take it's place in the soil, using the water and the light of sun fire to explode into life. Kids are born wth it. They trust because they have faith naturally looking to manifest. If you were disappointed or worse as a child your faith may have not taken root. Some do faith in the priests, others the scientists, it is the story of Atlantis. Another good read. WHO is your faith in? Intuitive, and educated, it belongs to YOU. It is a growth process. Let it show you answers to questions personal and collective. Our world needs those with faith and hope to act with LOVE and GRACE now more than ever. The innocents are looking to trust, are you ONE who can be trusted? I AM that I AM, as I say each day to the Great Mystery, I will to will thy will, here and now, in service to the love unconditional you have given me faith in every day of my life. And so it is. Peace out.
This is Eddie having a moment of faith and love with Gypsy as his hope for a horse pal became his reality!