Tuesday, July 11, 2017

meet your own needs now

There are things I need. There are those who need me. Needs are us!! We are about to get needs met we didn't even remember we had here. I laugh at our forgetfulness. In communion, one of the most powerful gifts given to humanity, we are told, and shown, to RE-MEMBER, EACH OTHER AND THOSE WHO ARE ABOVE US, BELOW US, WITH IN US AND WITH OUT US TOO. We are not separate, nor alone, we are water and apart of all that is here. We live and thrive in an ocean of humanity animated. Together we flow, we wave! Alone we dehydrate and ascend, or descend, which ever direction you are pointed. It is not complex, nor is it unavailable or costly. It's gift is to be remembered with each meal we share. In life the remembrance of your glorious beginnings, and your amazing opportunity to explore more, is under rated, under told, under sold and now in need of you. So today in honor of your lineage, your life is taking an upgrade by your willingness to look up, see your own needs and remember how sweet it all truly is! I need to share, you need to be shared with, so here we go!!! Lheet's meet up and get our needs met!! The time is right, and we are ready!

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