Saturday, August 12, 2017


It is now. It was a long awaited event in time and upgrade, and by Golly, we did it. It was feared by many, as that was the control put on humans by their masters. There are only two forces on the planet, fear or love. When you are loved you are not bullied, or doomed. It is the use of those dooming damning words that pushed many of us out of the nest of fear and into the search for the NEW AGE. I was one of the pushed. I grew up quickly, and knew that the job I came to do here would be wonderful and fruitful and overlighted by the universal source of love. It is. Under the meteors last night I was told that it was complete and we were at the dawn of our next cycle and it will be amazing. Under the stars, the moon and the sun, we have life, we have water and yes, we still have love! Use it and be at peace with all you are. It is time. Namaste' Earth and her children, it is a good day.

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