Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is YOUR water healthy, my Twin Cities metro clients can't even bathe in hers!

We are waking up now. It is so necessary. She was notified that the chemicals dumped by 3M years ago were now in the water and it was toxic. She has a young child, pets and she is mortified! Jugs of water line her garage and last ONLY a couple of days. There are media distractions now, keep your eyes on the real GOLD. It is the water people, THE WATER IS LIFE AND YOU AND THEY must ALL stop fighting against one another, and fight for the earth and her life. Take a deep breath and ask for guidance, and a vision of what needs to be done to save our world. It isn't up to them, it is YOURS to love and be loved by. YOU are UP now. It is YOUR turn at bat. Your water is next! How will be????????

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