Friday, April 21, 2017

Dumb = Silence SPEAK UP NOW

Silently waiting and allowing someone else to speak for you, to you or even about you is serving no one. Use your words to clear the air. It is time to create an atmosphere of WORDS of peace, compromise, creativity, kindness, and love here. Agree to disagree. Ask questions, and keep asking them until you are satisfied that you know all you need to know to decide something important to you and yours. Trust your instincts, intuition and YOUR knowing to show you the way. Take time in silence only with your self and your Creator, listen and learn what your heart and your higher self wants now. The time is now to speak out loud to those who scare you, or challenge you, try to fool you, or make you feel small. Ask them why they do such things, and then speak clearly, that that time is over now and walk away from them forever. The future of earth is being built on truth, full exposure and a light so bright that nothing, and no one will be able to hide from it. Welcome to the New Earth says Mother Gaia, thanks for supporting me in healing our reality! Water is life, and we are now in charge of it. Cleaning up begins now.

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