Monday, March 20, 2017

SPRING into action!

My life is math, dates, geometry, astrology and the willingness to use the gifts and guides and signposts that Creator offers me to make the journey easier and more understandable and just plain fun. Today the spring equinox, March 20, 2017 is a number 6 day. And that for me and my knowledge is always an adventure. Six and it's place in the universe is a bit of an unknown for me. I do not know why for sure, it may be that it's a gift, hidden away until the right time. Well, the time is today, and the gift is here. I know some things for sure. I know that I love spring, and the newness it brings. I know that even though winter is fun, spring opens the flowing waters and I get to go to the rivers and lakes and streams and be me. I know that the promise of spring is always kept in the sunshine of summer here in Wisconsin. I know that fur falls off my fuzzy horses, and that they jump and run in the warmth returning and it is beautiful to see. And I know that even though, this is my 60th spring here, that surprises never end. A six day in my sixty year, times ten just for fun, is a huge gift, and I am looking forward to unwrapping it and sharing it with you all. Happy Spring to us all, may the gifts you receive surprise and delight you, and that you share them with the world.

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